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Background Checks

Before your company hires a potential employee, you should employ a few common pre- employment screens to verify information. Background checks are the most requested employment verification service. They will typically allow an employer to verify previous education, employment, credit report and civil records.

With this, background check service companies differ greatly from one another. Some specialize in previous employment records while others may pull more comprehensive civil and criminal data. However in your search for background check services, your number one concern should be the accuracy of the information. Finding a company to provide accurate reports is made simple with a pre-screened service that verifies the background check service company's reputation by working with them and following up with past customers.

Some of the most common Background checks are as follows:

  • Social Security number verification
  • Criminal background checks
  • Civil judgment reports
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Education and degree verification
  • Employment verification
  • Workers compensation and unemployment claim history

Even though much of this information is technically public records, an employment- screening agency speeds up the process. The prospective employee will more likely than not, be required to grant access for your company to obtain a background check. It is best to work with the prospective employee and request social security information before hand to ensure report validity.

Things To Keep In Mind:


Verify that the company you are contracting conducts background in your required service area. If you need national or international background checks, you may end up paying more than local services. If your prospective employee is international it is imperative that your background check service company is working in your favor by having previous experience in international background checks.


If your company is performing multiple background checks on several different employees make sure that the report is formatted in an understandable manner. The amount of data can potentially seem overwhelming so work with the vendor rep to make sure you are on the same page.

Background check service companies all specialize in distinctive fields, so making sure you are paired with the best service company will help you find the most accurate, timely information.